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Diabetes, a chronic disease, is caused by either not enough insulin or the body's inability to use insulin properly. With an expert team of surgeons and physicians under Dr. Priyanka’s guidance, we boast the best diabetic treatment in Varanasi. We provide best diabetes treatment at an affordable cost and have successfully given patients a second chance at living life to the fullest.


The best quality medical care & procedures

Experienced Team of Doctors

We are one of the leading facilities in Varanasi with specialised treatment for Type-1 & Type-2 diabetes. The team of highly experienced and skilled clinicians with cumulative experience of 15 years of managing diabetes and endocrinology.

Perfect Diagnosis and Treatments

We also offer consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services in the management of thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, disorders of physical growth, adrenal disorders, disorders of male and female hormones. Our team renders comprehensive care and non-invasive diagnostics and therapeutic services to all the patients

Personalized Care for Diabetic Patients

We are the best centre for diabetes management in Varanasi. Expert clinician with over 15 years of experience in insulin management help patients choose the best possible insulin regimens for their glucose profile and lifestyle- a perfect example of the personalized care

Meet Our Doctors

Dr.Manoj Kumar Gupta


Chief ENT Consultant and Founder Director Formerly at AIIMS (New Delhi)

Dr. Priyanka

MBBS Fellowship in Diabetes

(Apollo Sugar Clinics, Medversity & Royal Liverpool Academy ,U.K)


Dr.Harsh Singh

MBBS,MS(ENT)Head & Neck Surgery (Gold Medalist)

ENT Consultant


Dr.Mouli Patel


ENT Consultant

Dr.Ankit Ojha


ENT Consultant

Implementing standards and procedures on par with global benchmarks

Accreditations - NABH


NABH is an organisation set up by the Govt. of India to monitor and examine healthcare providers and healthcare institutes over 600 parameters. We are one of the few NABH accredited hospitals in Varanasi. This ensures that our facility has patient centered standards which enables us to provide quality healthcare services to them. The accreditation also provides an objective system of empowerment by insurance and other third parties.

ISO certification

Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat

The launch of the Ayushman Bharat Yojana was a historic step towards providing affordable healthcare to 10 crore families, especially the poor and vulnerable. Satkriti Hospital is among the first hospitals in Varanasi, India to be recognised under PMJAY, with the motto "Health for all". Whether you're a private patient, or an underprivileged Indian citizen, Satkriti has the best treatment and facilities to suit your needs.

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You can eat just about anything you want. It is about knowing proper portion sizes and how much you are putting on your plate. A dietitian can help you learn to count carbohydrates and with meal planning that is specific for you.

Being very thirsty, Urinating often, Feeling very hungry, Feeling very tired, and many more.

Type 1 Diabetes, previously called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile-onset diabetes, may account for 5% to 10% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Risk factors are less well defined for type 1 diabetes than for type 2 diabetes, it is believed to happen after the body is exposed to an environmental trigger which then causes the body to attack the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. Type 2 Diabetes, previously called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetes, may account for about 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes.

Yes. This is a disorder either due to defective action or deficiency of insulin. It is life style disorder. When the blood sugar is kept under control, a diabetic can have a healthy, normal life.

People with diabetes are prone to foot problems because of complications caused by damage to large and small blood vessels and nerves and decreased ability to fight infection. To prevent injury to the feet, diabetics should use regular check-ups on their feet.

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