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Being the first hospital with 4 ENT surgeons, Satkriti is well equipped with cutting-edge technology with modular OTs. We offer a range of medical & surgical treatments for Nasal Issues and sinus related problems.

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Nasal allergies can be very troublesome and hamper with your day to day life activities, It is characterized by recurrent sneezing, nasal obstruction and rhinorrhoea. Satkriti hospital provides the best treatment for all your nasal allergies and related problems


Satkriti can help you get rid of your chronic sinusitis with our treatment. Our sinus treatment includes the latest non-invasive procedures, sinonasal surgeries and maxillofacial treatments with intra-nasal endoscopic techniques. We have the most advanced equipments and expert doctors to take care of you. Get rid of those sinus symptoms now with our best treatment. Our specialist doctors are experts at treating sinusitis and giving you relief from symptoms with our treatment.


Septoplasty is one of the many treatments offered by satkriti hospital, the best in nose surgery. We have a team of dedicated surgeons who will make you feel at home, while ensuring that your surgery is successful.


When your health is at stake, every second counts. That's why we have developed a procedure which will be executed in as little time as possible. The procedure is called FESS and it is done without any incisions on the skin, so there is no need to worry about recovery. We have the expertise and the most up-to-date equipment, which will help you to get your health back.


We are a well known hospital for advanced endoscopic nasal surgeries. With the help of experienced doctors, we aim to provide all the necessary treatment for patients suffering from nasal polyps, and any other kind of nasal massess causing nasal obstruction, and chronic rhinosinusitis


Our doctors specialize in treating patients who have lost their sense of smell. Loss of sense of smell also known as Anosmia can be due to a variety of reasons, and our experienced experts diagnose and treat the underlying root cause to restore your sense of taste as well.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr.Manoj Kumar Gupta


Chief ENT Consultant and Founder Director Formerly at AIIMS (New Delhi)

Dr. Priyanka

MBBS Fellowship in Diabetes

(Apollo Sugar Clinics, Medversity & Royal Liverpool Academy ,U.K)


Dr.Harsh Singh

MBBS,MS(ENT)Head & Neck Surgery (Gold Medalist)

ENT Consultant


Dr.Mouli Patel


ENT Consultant

Dr.Ankit Ojha


ENT Consultant

Implementing standards and procedures on par with global benchmarks

Accreditations - NABH


NABH is an organisation set up by the Govt. of India to monitor and examine healthcare providers and healthcare institutes over 600 parameters. We are one of the few NABH accredited hospitals in Varanasi. This ensures that our facility has patient centered standards which enables us to provide quality healthcare services to them. The accreditation also provides an objective system of empowerment by insurance and other third parties.

ISO certification

Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat

The launch of the Ayushman Bharat Yojana was a historic step towards providing affordable healthcare to 10 crore families, especially the poor and vulnerable. Satkriti Hospital is among the first hospitals in Varanasi, India to be recognised under PMJAY, with the motto "Health for all". Whether you're a private patient, or an underprivileged Indian citizen, Satkriti has the best treatment and facilities to suit your needs.

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While by 3-6 months the rhinoplasty “healing” is considered complete, there is even further maturation and improvement up to the one-year mark. Typically, the tip of the nose becomes even more refined until 12 months after surgery.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. It reshapes your nose to improve your appearance or to fix medical problems that interfere with how you breathe. It can correct a deviated septum or a broken nose.

All strenuous activities, including lifting heavy weights, jogging, aerobic exercises, running, and high-impact walking should be avoided. Intense physical movements such as pulling, bending, pushing, and anything that exerts pressure should also be avoided over the first 2 weeks following nose reshaping surgery.

As your nose heals from rhinoplasty surgery, it will likely be even more fragile and delicate. The nasal structure will return to its maximal strength (85% of the strength it had prior to surgery) in approximately eight weeks, but while it grows stronger, protecting it can save you a trip for revision rhinoplasty.

Final stage: Most of our patients are happy with their new noses after just 2 weeks, and final results are visible at the 3-month mark.

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